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AIRGATE Trackless Folding Gate


DELUX® Airgate supports up to 5.5m length and 2m height


No Track, No Roller, No Trouble - Normal gate tracks usually sink or the rollers get unhinged after a few years of usage.


High Security Technology - DELUX® Airgate is equipped with a customized 2 turning point arm locking system. This revolutionized locking system provides a secure grip on each gate panels making it hard for break-in.


Durable Support - Customized pillar support with 11 locking points to balance the weight of the gate on the pillar.


Quality Ensured - DELUX® Airgate aluminium frames are done with ‘pulse welding process‘ – a German technology that ensures the inner & outer of aluminium frame are welded to its optimum standard. DELUX® Airgate uses 3mm reinforced aluminium frame for stronger support.


Enhanced Motor Lifespan - Built in 30pcs heavy duty copper bush bearing for smooth operation and to enhance the life-span of motor.


DELUX® Airgate comes with 24 hours back-up power for uninterrupted operations.


180° Adjustable - These adjustable hinges allow for vertical or horizontal adjustment, used to level gate on uneven pillar.


2 Tier Protection - 2 turning points arm lock system and anti-force latch provide

you a double protection against t force break-in. The secure stopper will stabilize

the gate system to ensure the gate is always in locking state while closed.


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